Every Woman deserves to experience motherhood

Nothing in life needs to be feared, everything needs to be understood. With this notion, let me reassure you all women there that in times today, fertility medicine is continuously expanding its options to help every woman experience the joy of motherhood!

Amidst pressing priorities for women like establishing a career and/or becoming financially independent or perhaps not finding the right partner yet, the various options available are great developments.

As a woman’s fertility significantly declines from 35 years of age,hence the most important information women need to know is the correlation between age and fertility.

Women are born with all their eggs and steadily lose them from birth to menopause – at about 1,000 per month during reproductive years – this accelerates from the mid-30s and also results in reduced egg quality and lower birth rates.

By age 40, it is estimated that a female’s conception rate is in the range of 8-10 percent per month and at age 43 it is thought to be 1-3 percent per month.

Since More women are wanting to delay , start a family ,its being looked as the main reasons for the recent increase in infertility rates & Unfortunately, the biological clock does not take into account socio- economic considerations”.

So if you are considering delaying starting a family, the options are:

Egg freezing

Egg freezing can potentially be helpful for women who might wish to try and have children at a later date. While equally successful fertilization and embryo development rates for frozen eggs are reported as compared to fresh eggs, it is important to know that the younger the woman is when she freezes her eggs, the better quality they will be and hence the greater chance of a successful pregnancy at a later date.

Conceive when you please

We hope everything goes well and you conceive when you plan.

However, if you do find you are having problems conceiving, there are plenty of reproductive technologies that may help. These start with a thorough medical check-up with a fertility specialist and simple advice on timing, to early treatment options such as monitoring timely ovulation,Ovulation Induction (OI), & in case required & medically indicated intrauterine insemination (IUI),In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI),genetic testing ,egg and sperm donation & surrogacy.

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